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You want to see if there is one available for you. The more you think about it, the less sure you are that the A student line of credit can help you pay for books and pay for tuition. You reject the offerNo way, you just cant afford to do that. There has to be a way you cant miss out on something like this. You see that a student loan is out of your budget, and that there are other options. You head to the office to confirm exactly what you are getting yourself into, and get the information you have to be paying a lot of interest. It seems like the interest rate is a very high 20. You dont even want to think about how much you are going to have to pay in the future if you dont go for it. You are given a student ID, and a loan agreement. You do some research on what you think you need to do to pay back this money. You know you need to pay it back every month, on a certain date. The interest rate seems high, but you figure that the interest is pretty high for what youre getting out of it. You also dont have that much to lose if this doesnt work out. This is a very large amount of money that you are signing on for. It would seem that you are going to have to get a job that will pay you at least that much in order to have enough to pay of this as a loan. You know that you cant really go to a graduate school to get such training, since you dont have that much money. You can only imagine what a doctor would earn in the city you want to live in. A job as a cashier at a grocery store or fast food store could be your best bet. You have no idea what that job is going to entail either, so you just go with it. You dont really have that much experience, but you figure you could still learn a lot. You sign the loan agreement and a big Student sticker is stuck on it. You have a little more time to look through the documents as you read it, and are able to pay it back. You are happy with your decision to pay off your debt. When you look at your credit report a few months later, you see that you have a good credit report. You are surprised though, since you didnt think you had one. You didnt do that much research before making this decision.

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