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The UEFA Cup is the oldest and is one of the most important competitions for Europe in terms of the exposure it gives to the clubs and the fans. Clubs who win it are generally heavily promoted by the national and international media to the international audience, and the teams who are eliminated from the competition are usually given a chance to play some of their weaker teams in the knockout phase of the European competition which leads to a greater chance of securing a Champions League spot. The UEFA Champions League is the current premier club competition in Europe where the best clubs in the world are brought together to battle it out for the most prestigious trophy in club football. This season, the competition is organised by UEFA and is contested by the 16 best teams in Europe from the four major European leagues. The UEFA Europa League is a competition designed to develop a more talented continental team, whilst providing an opportunity for the most important clubs in Europe to test their players ahead of a large amount of European competition. The European Championships are a unique continental event with the best footballing nations and clubs from all over Europe coming together in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Sweden in a bid to win the most prestigious international trophies. In 2007, only the USA and Sweden were unable to attend owing to ongoing wars and recessions. You are Football is the most popular sport in Finland and although in international competitions Finland has never got out of the group stage this does seem to be changing. In 2006 the Finns got out of their group before beating a surprisingly good Portugal side in the quarter-finals and beating a very good Bosnia-Herzegovina side in the semi-final, which saw them qualify for the next round. In the final themselves they upset the mighty Spain 3-2 in a very exciting encounter, the scoreline might not have been statistically correct, but it was always going to be an important game in the qualification campaign anyway. You play England in the World CupThis match is always of interest to you and it would be good to see some international experience. You dont playAs soon as the match finishes you take out your notebook and write down the number of the bus going to Helsinki. You leave your hostel just after noon and head to the bus stop. The bus is a rather nondescript grey bus, but then it would be in keeping with the grey color of the surrounding area you are going into next. As you get on the bus you look out the window and observe the bright cityscape. Re taking the bus into the heart of Finland. This is an urban area though; Helsinki, as a city, is a major city and with it being winter you are going to have to put up with the depressing and snowstormy weather.

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