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You vote for BerlinThere is no point in voting for Tokyo if there is no guarantee on how you will be treated by the host city during the Games. You are not sure about Berlin though; they have done a pretty good job so far and it would be nice. You think about how the German people should take their time and enjoy their trip to a new city. You will visit your favorite place later. T find yourself in any trouble while going about your business. You end up talking to some people for some time, most of them are tourists and some are just looking for a place to enjoy the evening. They seem to be content with your selection of a place that is not a night club and not a place you would consider a place to spend the night if you could. S not a great idea if I want to stay to see the fireworks. M here to just check things out. She starts to turn around and speak before you interrupt her. Look you got a tattoo of a fire hydrant on your arm. T, it has to be painted like that or it would attract attention. S got the number three in it in the shape of a heart. It looks pretty cool though, can I go get a drink now. Ve been with like that in the last two months.

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