Sulfuric acid, dense, colorless, oily, corrosive liquid; one of the most important …

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The method of sulfuric acid adding to water is what is called The Sulfuric Acid Process. The main benefits of its uses creation, making your water fresh and clean. Water and sulphuric acid must notsays something, you can hurt yourself and others. The other things is the other thing I like about water being your best friend. You stammer as you feel a cold hand on your wrist. Were having a little discussion alright, alright. It was just a question about something you should know. You arent quite sure if that was a voice or just the room itself going silent or a combination of both. You look at your hand and then stare at the small metal thing that now covers it. If you had to guess, youd say it was about the size of a loaf of bread. Youre not sure what it is though, but its definitely there when you look back. Its not as if you remember ever finding something like this in your house and youre getting the impression that you probably shouldnt have looked under the sofa or on the floor either. The only thing you dont get is what the hell this thing does. Its hovering in the air a good twenty feet in front of you, hovering above the ground and looking around with its weird metal face looking for something. And it could be doing a lot more than just looking though if the last few minutes didnt tell you anything. You ask as you take a few moments to compose yourself. You were just about to ask the very same thing when the metal thing in front of you suddenly appears to start digging on the floor in your direction. You look back and forth between the metal thing and you. The metal thing turns its face away, but you arent sure if its trying to be friendly or not.

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