Succession is an American satirical comedy-drama television series, created by Jesse …

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When you speak your mind over the other people in the room you begin to feel quite uncomfortable, for the most obvious reason that they perceive you to be talking to each of them directly, but also because of what that means for the situation. Of course the people in the room are all part of The Corporation. They are all aware of its existence and are all aware of what it does. They are all aware of the role it plays in society and all of them have an opinion on it. What has been done to change their opinions about it is unknown to you. There is an unspoken question too: How did you end up in this room. You were last seen heading towards where you last heard about people being held up. You are not an important person with many connections to them. You have told this to various people over the years. The Company is important to you, the Company is everything to you. T leave, not for any number of reasons. D be around long to even attempt it at that point. To leave the Company without at least a little bit of backup is pretty pointless. D rather be dead than in a place like this. Re not doing as good a job as you should be. Ve just told you that my job was done.

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