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You go to the last houseYou knew there was a chance that youd get there first, but there was a chance it might not work. The way this game was going to work, you would have to do it the right way. As you were pulling up in front of the house, you saw a man walking towards the fence. You didnt get that far, but you heard his footsteps. You could have gone faster, but you were thinking the right thoughts. Home of the Health Authority of Manitoba, one of Canadas health authorities. You continued to the house, as soon as you turned the corner it was on the same street you were parked. You knew you hadnt made any bad decisions here. It is late and Im a little out of the way, but I really need to speak to you about something. You didnt want to talk too much about the future, but you knew you needed to just get this over with. You didnt want to rush into this, but you knew you needed to do something for your mom. You could tell the man was a little surprised, but he smiled and continued walking. You turned your car around and parked, but got out, quickly getting a blanket and a pillow for your mom. You couldnt tell what the man was thinking, but then he started walking towards you, so you knew he was a man, not some random person. You knew he was coming to try and get you to talk, so you could tell him what you needed to. Ill try to take you to her, alright. He was gone before you could even say goodbye. He had left you with one request though. You just shook your head no as he had walked away. You spent the next hour wondering if you were being too aggressive or not; the whole thing was pretty risky to you. Maybe it was because you had just found out that you were gonna be a father, but you had a feeling that this would be the right thing to do. You wanted to help your mom more than anything in the world. You left the house on your way back.

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