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You feel a little better since the fact that they know where you are from Costa Rica now. Ve all been a little more proactive in trying to find me. D be more receptive to that than to waking us up in the middle of the night. Hmm, you could probably take the lead of course. I mean you could take the lead in going around to each house and ringing the doorbell. Re pretty good at that sort of thing since you always have a stick up your ass about it. I thought we all knew you could do it. I was kinda worried about that since I figured you probably would have had a little more practice. But hey, why do we have to be the only ones getting credit for waking you up. After all it would give us an easier time to get to your house too. Ll probably just surprise you and make it official then. Re not going to be doing it in a sneaky way. Re going to do it all out in the open, in front of everyone. T have too many choices right now. S slightly disheveled appearance sitting up on her bed with one hand on the doorknob.

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