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T want to be associated with a bunch of drunk idiots. You grab your backpack and head out the door. You start making your way to a different part of the campus, which is much more empty and quiet. You see a couple of signs for an independent computer shop, but then you see a sign for a place called the Game Hut on your way there. And a poster with a girl with two hearts over her chest. T want to be bothered and I feel safer just going in. The Game Hut has a couple of small rooms set off to one side. You enter the closest one and the display case opens up to reveal a bunch of different games. Smart Ass, but your machine is not compatible with the system. The zapping sound is accompanied by a bright light that turns your eyes to a bright shade of purple and then everything goes black. When you wake up you find that you have absolutely no memory of what happened. You look around the room and see several computers, a TV with a cable running through it and a whole mess of other stuff. You realize that the Game Hut was just your escape hatch. It would have been a lot better if the door was locked, but perhaps you were expecting too much and it is safe now as it always has been. You wait it outYou decide to wait it out. You need to focus on figuring out a way to get out of here. Maybe there is a back door, you just need to find it and figure out how to get through it. You continue to the back doorIt is still early in the morning and you are fairly alert. You continue to the back door, which is just another room which is just like the one you entered from. When you walk through the door it is pitch black and dim. You see a light at an upper level and that is the Game Hut.

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