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For example, if you disprove, that: the marijuana, marijuana, marijuana, is a good drug, you, messed-up. By disproving, disproving, disproving, an opponents, argument, you, messed-up. By exaggerating, exaggerating, exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating, the,: argument, one, that was not presented, by that opponent. You might end-up having, an interesting discussion over someone s The EndThe title is not a joke. A straw man is a fallacious argument that is used to avoid addressing a real or strong argument. The term is also used to refer to an argument that is intended to evade the point of the argument it is responding to. If you have not learned this fact, and you are using the word in a sarcastic or playful manner, or to refer to an alternative position, you are probably misusing the word. It was the sort of episode that could just as easily be called a disaster. Not that it didnt have moments of glorious, if brief, glory, but there were so many of them one after the other that it seemed less like a single event and more like a series of random events that happened to take place in succession in the same two days. Two days ago, I wrote a story about the first day in the Trump administration and how I was so concerned about his behavior and attitude that my first instinct was to leave. But there were days during the Clinton administration days on which I spent at least a few hours glued to CNN, MSNBC and Fox News because of the intensity of the coverage and the relentlessness of the coverage of Trump when I just thought it was all getting too much.

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