Strange side-hustles — from breast milk jewellery to standing in queues

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After one woman shared her strange side-hustle of selling breast milk in the form of jewellery, the Express has taken a look at some other weird and wonderful ways people make extra cash. 

Rachel Heinze, 29, from Florida left her job as a neuroscientist to take on the role of a designer.

However, what makes the woman stand out from other jewellery designers is the materials she uses. Breast milk is one of the many materials she turns to, as well as human hair.

Recently, Daily Express covered the entrepreneur’s peculiar side hustle and how she quit her neuroscientist role for a career in jewellery design.

However, this business venture is not the only weird side hustle other people have taken on over the years.

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As part of a short video, the mother-of-two broke the manufacturing process for her designs and why many people choose to buy items from her side hustle.

In the clip, Ms Heize explained: “What is the secret to turning breast milk into jewellery? A good preservation method.”

“We want our pieces to last forever. No mould allowed. Why do mums send me their breast milk and a lock of their child’s hair?

“[It’s] so I can keep a precious keepsake for them when you tell someone that your jewellery is made of breast milk.”

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Outside of breast milk jewellery, the designer uses other interesting items from the human body to create products.

On using locks of hair, the businesswoman added: “A great way to showcase multiple children in one piece of jewellery.

“All you need is a lock of hair from each child. [The jewellery} can be made with or without breast milk.”

According to FinanceBuzz, these are other examples of weird side hustles individuals have started to make more money:

  • Standing in line for other people for events and shopping
  • Being a corporate gift consultant
  • Testing games for developers
  • Being an extra for TV or movies
  • Search engine evaluator
  • Becoming a mystery shopper
  • Selling photos.

Previously, Daily Express has covered how young people are making up to £2,000 a month just by taking part in surveys.

Those interested in purchasing jewellery from Ms Heinze’s collection can check out her website.

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