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Stefan is a great player and also a really nice guy. You keep himYou decide not to keep Stefan. Youre not sure if you can bring yourself to do it right now, but it doesnt matter. You might get a better offer later. You are going to call Stefan back in a couple of days to see what hes up to. Youre going to see if therere any jobs out there that you can take him on. Youve got a nice house to rent, you really dont need to worry about money right now. You call Stefan back in a few days to see what hes up to. At least you dont have one of your own. The job is as mundane as all get out there. You work in the same bakery where your family works. And you still cant shake the feeling that you should be with them. You can only assume that its because you grew up with them and the little time you spent on your own, not that you had much time, was cut short. Its a routine job, but its always nice to get paid, especially when that little extra money helps your family out. You get off the job every now and then to go get food because you have been known to just go straight home and grab some food whenever you feel like it. Its not as good as if you actually had a job, but youre trying to do something right. You find out who your real parents are. Not knowing where you came from or where you are going to go with your life. There is little that worries you and now its starting to worry you. You know thats kind of weird since you werent in the same class, but youre trying to deal with it as best you can. You hope that he doesnt think less of you because of it. Youre even more worried about your younger brother. You know thats not fair to ask, but you just dont know what to do about him.

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