State pension age: How to check when you’ll get your state pension and free bus pass

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Retirement expert advises people to learn about state pensions

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The state pension age dictates when someone can begin receiving their state pension. This is a vital part of many people’s retirement income, so it is important they know when they will have access to potentially thousands of pounds a year.

Britons can use the website to check their state pension age.

The ‘Check your state pension age’ tool can also display other information about the benefits state pensioners can receive.

There are three key items someone can check by using the tool.

Firstly, they can check when they will reach state pension age.

The website also shows someone’s Pension Credit qualifying age.

Finally, Britons can find out when they will be eligible for free bus travel.

To check any of these ages, all an individual needs to do is enter their date of birth.

When starting the check, users will be given two options.

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They can either check their state pension age and Pension Credit qualifying age, or check their bus pass age.

By choosing the first option and entering their date of birth, Britons can be shown what their state pension age is projected to be, and the exact date they would reach this.

The date they will become eligible for Pension Credit should also be shown, and this is usually the same as the day they reach state pension age.

Pension Credit is a benefit which supports pensioners on lower incomes by providing them with extra amounts each week.

The state pension age is currently 66 in the UK, but the Government has scheduled two changes which will increase it.

By 2028, the state pension age is set to rise to 67. It is then expected to increase to 68 if the current plans go ahead.

A review into the state pension age is currently ongoing which will be completed no later than May 2023.

This means the planned increases to the state pension age could potentially be altered.

There is no longer a ‘default’ or forced retirement age. This means people can continue working past their state pension age.

People who live in England will usually qualify for a free bus pass when they reach state pension age.

On the other hand, residents of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can get free bus travel at age 60.

The ages may be different in some areas, so the Government site urges people to check with their local council.

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