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The State of California is the most technologically advanced State in the world. There are no Internet service providers in California. All I can do is provide you with my name and a digital code. Could you print out this code and read it please so I can get my papers. T think you know your way around English. T know my way around English sir. You look at the code, which is in a rather strange form of a combination of English and German. You are given free access to this digital code and free access to this mathematical formula. Once you know this formula and use it properly, you will know everything about all the worlds governments, all the worlds states and you will be able to do a lot of things if you have the right knowledge. You can do a lot of things sir. You can do everything that is written here. You have the freedom of the state legislature, all the cities of California and all other governments and all other governments have power to change their laws. You have the freedom to do whatever you like without any consequences. However, sometimes you have to make choices and you have to use your freedom wisely. You look at the message and it seems to only say one thing to you. Why would anyone want to communicate with me. Because sometimes you have to choose between two evils. I would like to give you the choice between those two evils. I have many many powers that you do not have. I am the one who created all of the technology that exists in the world. I am the one who designed all of the weapons that are used against you. I am the one who creates all the drugs that are used against you. I am the one who gave birth to all the people that are living on the streets. I am the one that is creating and controlling all the demons that are inhabiting the land sir.

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