Stain removal: I tried two hacks to remove coffee stains from clothing – here’s the result

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White vinegar and baking soda used for cleaning oven glass

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Some stains are harder to remove than others but tea and coffee stains are arguably the most common. They can be extremely hard to remove due to their dark pigmentation, especially when spilling on a white top. To help my mum tackle the coffee stain on her top, I decided to use a homemade baking soda mix on one side of the stain and Elbow Grease’s All Purpose Degreaser to see which one would work the best.

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To start with, I mixed a small amount of baking soda with water until it created a paste.

Baking soda, which is the same as bicarbonate of soda, is a staple in my cleaning cupboard as it is so versatile.

Baking soda can lift stains from clothing when mixed with water, making it a great pretreatment for any stained clothing.

It is best to patch test before using various different products on clothing to make sure the stain doesn’t get worse.

After creating the paste, I rubbed it onto the affected area and left it for 30 minutes.

While that was setting, I took my favourite Elbow Grease spray and tackled another area of the stain.

I wasn’t sure whether this was going to work on a clothing stain but decided to give it a try as it has worked one every other cleaning problem I’ve had.

The cleaning spray claims to be formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations.

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It is ideal for removing stains from fabrics and porous materials.

The brand behind the spray said: “The ultimate power degreasing properties of this cleaner make it the only cleaner you will ever need, the uses are endless.

“Elbow Grease cleans pots, kitchen tops, ovens, microwaves, showers, sinks, BBQs, and much, much more.”

After spritzing the £1 on the top, I left it for a couple of minutes.

Just before placing the top in the wash, I removed the baking soda paste.

Placing the top in the machine, I added in a scoop of The Pink Stuff Oxi Powder which is a stain remover.

I purchased the tub from B&M for around £2.

After an hour in the washing machine, it was time to take the top out and to my surprise, both stains had faded, with the baking soda side nearly gone completely.

However, the top was wet so I aired it out before deciding which cleaning product worked the best.

Once dry, it was easy to tell that the baking soda mixture worked well on helping to tackle the stain.

It had nearly disappeared and so a second go with the homemade mixture would’ve worked well.

It was evident on the Elbow Grease side that the stain was still there but it had definitely faded.

Overall, I was shocked that the baking soda mixture worked so well as it is super cheap to pick up.

I have also used baking soda to clean drains, cut through kitchen grease and to remove odours from the fridge.

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