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You enter the sports shopWhile you probably cant afford to take the team to the World Championships, maybe you can do something about those cheap, knockoff gear you already had. You head back to your apartmentBack to your apartment, where you spend the night. It may have to be night, though, because its just the two of you right now. You go with her to the sports shopThe two of you head to the sports shop, where it appears the two of you have made quite a bit of noise. They call over to their manager, who comes over. He greets you both, and the two of you chat happily for a bit. She starts telling you about her friend, and you start sharing some of your own stories. So, what kind of gear do you have now. Because Im going to ask you three questions. Were not actually working here, she says, raising her voice. We have some clothes from your home country, but nothing to really wear. Id say there are four, but I think it has eight. Do you have anything in your home country that would sell for a good price for the team. No, you say, as the two of you watch a man in jeans and a hoodie walk in opposite sides of the store. You buy a hoodie, jeans, and a T-shirtYou find a hoodie, a pair of blue jeans, and a T-shirt. I mean, hes the one Im with right now.

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