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Its going to be a real nice boost in your morning. And if youve ever said I need Haircuts in another room in New New Park Its going to just be a reminder to just go there in the first place. You like the fact that the game has a little more of a horror vibeI always liked horror games. M too old for this stuff, but I prefer the dark side. What do you mean, what do you mean. Ve been feeling worse for the past couple days and this is great. T even bother remembering to get your hair cut on time. T really give it any more thought. You get to your usual spot by New New Park in the late afternoons. They better be aware that something is going on anywhere in the world. You think back to what you were telling your mom yesterday and you think about what you were told today. D let something like the military invading you happen. You shout out loud and keep yelling until it gets quiet.

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