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A specialized warrior may be assigned to a specific task or to a particular role within the army. The first specialization choice determines their job and function. An Inquisitor may be a Deathwatch Marine, a Dreadnought, a Dreadnought Commander, or another assignment. The second specialization choice determines what kind of weapons they wield. An Astropaths may be equipped with an Astrolabe, a Phobos or a Mark II Psyker. Contents:Inquisitor edit These specialists are those who have been brought in from other chapters to serve as inquisitors. They are considered the most loyal of their brethren, and their knowledge and experience can be of great aid. These specialists include the Chapter Master and his advisors, any Chapter Masters champions chosen from among the strongest and most dedicated among his warriors, or even a Chapter Masters personal bodyguard. Contents:Lord Commander edit These lords of war and battle are selected from among the most seasoned and experienced of the Space Marine battle-brothers. They are highly esteemed for their battle prowess and skill at leading troops into battle. Lord Commanders are held in high regard, and are always given the special honour of having an icon of their own Chapter painted upon their Power Armour. Contents:Space Marine edit Space Marines are the elite troops of the Space Marine chapter, with the responsibility of defending the ship and the lives of the faithful while the rest of the chapter does its work. These men are equipped with all the latest equipment, having undergone the most rigorous of training. Contents:Named edit Named Space Marine ChaptersNamed Space Marine Chapters have been namedName Chapter Founding Founding Chapter Number Unnamed Space Marine Brotherhood of Croatoan I 523-522. M31 Istvaan VIstvaan IIINamed Space Marine ChaptersChapter Names Found in Other Games edit In Warhammer 40,000:In Warhammer Fantasy BattleSee Also edit For game-specific information, see the Space Marine sub-page. For game-specific rules, see the Space Marine Codex. For game-specific fluff, see the Space Marine Codex: Astra MilitarumFor game-specific models, see the Space Marine Space Marine Armoury. For game-specific weapons, see the Space Marine Weapons Codex. For game-specific characters, see the Space Marine Characters Codex. For game-specific worlds and campaigns, see the Space Marine Campaigns Codex. For game-specific books, see the Space Marine Books of War.

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