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I am your colleague in the field of sound insulation. No, but I would like to purchase one of your products. I will be able to find a suitable one for you very soon. I would like to ask instead that you not use it for any other purpose. I shall see that it is sold to you at a fair price. I trust you will not ask for more than that. I will leave you to it, you say and leave and the other man does likewise. You walk away from the workshop of you two colleagues in the field of sound insulation and into the courtyard of the workshop. You stand there for a while, waiting for something to happen. You do know of two men that seem to be busy at the moment. One is using a machete to chop up some kind of root, while the other is standing there with a stick. The man with the stick is staring intently at you both. Your colleague uses a short stick to gently brush a lock of hair that has escaped the mans frantic efforts. Hello, sir, you say introducing yourself. I am not sure what you want, he says. He stares at you for a long time, examining you in an unblinking way. There is little point in you knowing us. You stand there for a moment, unsure of what to do next. You might not have a choice, but you are more than unsure about what to do. You have to approach this man, approach him as the other man has approached you. You cant be seen to be approaching him at all costs. He stares at you with a calm that could only come from deep within. He is still in that pose from before your own inspection.

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