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The first time I was in college and had free time on Wednesday nights, I used to listen to that playlist by Kelly Clarkson and enjoy the music while waiting for my lectures. I used to listen to Kelly Clarkson on my car stereo and my boyfriend Brad would always say, I wish I could be at your house all the time listening to music all the time. I was recently listening to the playlist by Kelly Clarkson and had the same thought you did. Do you know any songs that you listen to during the holidays. If you have no idea, please let me know. Ll be more than happy to learn more about you and your tastes. T want to know about your tastes or your personality. The song you just played sounds so sad. S the last song on the playlist that has a happy song in it. Ll go home like everyone else. T be here in the same town with someone who is sad. T want to know any more about your tastes and your personality. Re so unhappy, you should move on.

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