Solar Cycle 24 was the most recent solar cycle, the 24th since 1755, when …

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The solar cycle 24, which will be reaching minimum in 2019 or 2020, will be about the same size. The sun will be a lot dimmer, and a lot less active. Solar wind levels will be lower, as will the production of space junk. This means that the space station will be a lot quieter and it will have a lot less radiation. And if there are any unforeseen catastrophes which occur in the solar system after that. But I would be very surprised if they got to that stage. You try to put out the fireThis is going to be a big problem and its going to take some work, but it is possible. First, you need to look for a way to do something about the fire. The fire was started by a spark, but that little spark started a chain reaction which would eventually cause the fire to cause problems. Unfortunately you lost control of one of the engines, so its going to take more than a spark to get it out. If you want it to be a good thing, then you want to get your robot crew working on it as soon as possible. If you want it to be a bad thing, then you want to get them working on it as soon as possible as well. You go to the fireThis fire could be a serious problem for you, so you want to get this thing out as soon as possible. You turn the fire control to manual and try to put it out with your own strength. You dont know what youre doing, but you try. You put out the fire with your robot hands. You get up and you start feeling just what its like to be human again. You sleepThe human body doesnt have enough fuel to function continuously through the night. The body tries to conserve fuel, but as you get more tired, you start losing power to the brain and its going to have to go back to sleep. You fall asleep with the engines still running, but you wake up with just a fraction of your power. You cant work or drive the craft at this stage, but the craft can get you to the rocket for repairs and thats going to be the focus of your attention. After the ship is repaired and a bit of time before the sun sets, youre going to attempt to land. Hopefully if your landing is successful, another can be made soon afterwards. It takes some work and a lot of patience, but once again you get the ship on firm ground.

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