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Why the hell didnt you tell me that. You couldve said, you know, Hey, Im a socialist, Im going to go all-in on this thing. I mean I couldve said that, but then Id have been selling myself short, so what Im going to say instead is, It is you. Ive known you, Ive felt you, I know exactly who you are now. Yeah, you do that, when a guy gets serious in front of a girl, but youre not even remotely doing that, with me. Well, shes either lying or she doesnt quite know what shes doing. The only thing she can take away is that this isnt going to be easy, but if shes going to make a successful run at it shes going to have to change something about herself. Something about herself thats just not working. Theres really not too much here. Its just a list, which will be more than well enough to get you through the next few days. Afterwards, you wonder if maybe youre a little too obsessed with games. Maybe you should think about changing up your hobby. Like, maybe youre not the best at math, so you should try to get better. Or maybe you should just try harder to get through this entire week, this entire school year, this entire life. Because whatever you decide to do, youre going to have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is going to have to be in games. Theres just really not much else to it. You dont want to switch gamesYou dont really want to change anything about yourself now. Namely, Grand Theft Auto V and Half-Life 3, because theyre the ones you seem to play the most. You also remember the guy that used to let you play on his console, but now hes apparently been arrested for copyright infringement. Hes apparently not telling anyone where he got his system. The last thing that came up was how one of the last times you were here, he was telling you to get.

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