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The world, the universe, the cosmos, the infinite expanse of space. There must be many gods, and many faiths, the one religion. It is that religion, that religion that can unite a people and a culture and a nation and a civilisation. Social responsibility, then, is an ethical basis for society. Social responsibility is the only faith that can unite a civilisation. That doesnt mean, of course, that an organization doesnt have its own conscience, its own ethics. Its just that conscience is built into it, built into it for a reason; there is an ultimate ethical system. And then theres the organization itself, which is built into it for a reason, built into it for one reason alone: the survival and advancement of the organization. You believe in GodYou believe in God, and you believe that God, whatever that may be, has created and is using you. You believe that God has placed you in a situation that you would have fallen into without His intervention, you believe that God has shown you the way. You pray to God, you wait on God, you wait on God while others work. You are grateful for God, for God has given you everything. In the back of your mind, you know, you know – you were born for a reason. One day, you would run things. You stand at the head of the table, and the entire group begins to file into place. You take a deep breath – theyre here to see you, and you could care less if they dont. You close your eyes and think, I will be fine. You walk back down the hall towards the elevator, keeping to the shadows, watching as everyone else goes about their business. You cant tell anyone about this meeting, just know that you have a few hours to get things right before the meeting. Its a short drive down, and soon theres a banging on the elevator door, followed by a voice, Enter. You turn your head around, and stand, looking at the figure who has entered the elevator. Theyre wearing the same blue suit as you, and carrying a laptop computer in their hands.

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