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You cant help but be impressed with the scope of resources this world has at its disposal. You have only the most rudimentary knowledge of most of them, but you make an effort to learn as much as you can to improve your chances of survival. It isnt long before you become a serious student of the arts. You also have the fortune of working for a rather resourceful and efficient Baron. You are one of the fortunate few who are allowed to study the arts, if youre even allowed to study anything, much less the art of the sword. Youve studied the art of swordfighting, and you have been successful in some of the duels youve faced. Youve learned as much as you could about the art and techniques. You time for Study, Age 10, There is little that is too abstract for you to study. You try to study as much as you can about the history of the sword, about other fighting styles and various fighting forms. You study everything, trying to gain as much knowledge as you can. For a while, you even feel like you may be getting smarter, even from what little you know about other fighting styles and their histories, but then you discover that the history of the fighting forms is as obscure as the knowledge youve gained on the sword itself. You eventually give up on these studies, realizing you dont really have anything to gain by pursuing them. You spend much of your time studying the art of the sword, but it isnt long before youre bored and restless. For a young man of your talent, you should be working on something more useful. Youre not sure what, but when you ask yourself, it isnt difficult to come up with a few possibilities. Thats when you notice something else in the corner of your room. The books name is titled: The Book of Ages and the Book of Shadows, Age 10, The Book of Ages and the Book of Shadows You are intrigued by what was written in these books. The Book of Ages was a book written by a dying man, and what was in the book made him more interesting. He was a great warrior and a great warrior lord. The Shadows, on the other hand, made him seem cold and alien. You didnt know a lot about them, you knew the kings manor was on the Shadow Coast, but you certainly had no idea that this was where all the lords of the shadow coast lived. You pick up the book and begin to read. You begin to understand more about the Shadows, Age 23, You continue to read:THE CHINESE have a name for people who are born with a mysterious ability. They are called shadows, because they are always in the presence of shadows.

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