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Over the last 12 months or so, Ive spent my entire free-time working on Dark Souls III. Ive been developing the game using the new Dark Souls III Engine, which weve been using since the game began a few years ago. Theres now a new, more dynamic and interactive combat system as well as an open world that allows the player to explore on their own terms and do things that only Dark Souls III cant. This new engine is a huge step toward creating a game that is as much about the players experience as how he or she plays with it. The Dark Souls I played in 2015 was, to put it bluntly, a pain to play. As I mentioned in my Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin preview, the Dark Souls I played in 2014 was frustrating and dull, and the Dark Souls I played in 2013 was boring and unfun. I liked playing Dark Souls, but Dark Souls is a series that cant always do for you what it wants to do. I was excited about a possible Dark Souls III because thats what Id been waiting for. Dark Souls III feels different from all the games that preceded it, but is still very Dark Souls. I loved my time with Dark Souls III, but I also learned that some of the games most important changes were hidden in the most unexpected places like the beginning of the game. Exit Theatre ModeDark Souls IIIs first hour is about as close as any game to how some people play, at least if they play the Souls series. You start the game, you get stuck in an area and have to run around for a bit, then you meet a girl for the first time, and then she disappears. Your character starts just as you did on your last visit, and everything youve done so far in the game is still there, from the enemies to the way youve interacted with them and the way youve spoken with them. Its a very deliberate, very deliberate approach to creating a new experience for the player. Even the way you play has changed you pick up items and interact with the world on your own terms. But, as the player, I learned that I could take the approach that I had, if I knew where to look. If I looked carefully, I could see hints of new mechanics like the one that Dark Souls III introduces around the 20-minute mark, when the camera becomes very active. The camera makes the player feel small and trapped, and while a lot of Dark Souls enemies do a pretty excellent job of letting you know theyre in your line of sight, I always like to find a way to get away. The camera makes the player feel small and trapped.

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