‘So fresh’: Mrs Hinch fans share 89p product to stop kitchen bin odours in ’30 seconds’

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Mrs Hinch fans regularly share cleaning advice with one another on dedicated social media pages. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Julie Lusk wrote: “What does everyone use to make their bins smell nice? I’ve tried lots of different things but the smell doesn’t last long.” The post attracted more than 50 comments from group members with their product recommendations.

When air is trapped in a bin, it allows bacteria to grow.

When mixed with food waste, kitchen bins can begin to smell bad.

Mrs Hinch fans recommended using a disinfectant to combat the odours.

Fiona Brockwell said: “Use Zoflora on a bit of kitchen roll placed outside the liner, bins will smell nicer in 30 seconds.”

Rachel Ward wrote: “I put Zoflora in mine and use a different bin for food waste because that made it smell bad.”

Christine Monk commented: “I put Zoflora on a kitchen roll and stick it inside the lid.”

Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant can be used for a variety of different cleaning jobs around the home.

Available in different scents, the disinfectant kills 99.9 percent of bacteria living in the home.

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This makes it perfect for cleaning the bin as well as using it to leave a fresh scent.

Mary Lynch said: “I use citrus Zoflora in the kitchen, smells so fresh.”

Other group members recommended putting a cap of Zoflora in the bottom of the bin, below the liner.

The disinfectant can be purchased for as little as 89p.

Mrs Hinch fans also recommended using Bin Buddy, a product which helps to provide the bin with a long lasting fragrance.

It also helps to repel and kill insects and maggots.

Maria Cassama wrote: “Bin Buddy is amazing, only £3.99 from B&M.”

Jade Clarke said: “Bin Buddy! It’s like gold dust at the moment, quite hard to get hold of.”

Grace Parker commented: “Bin Buddy is really good.”

To use Bin Buddy, powder is sprinkled into the bottom of the bin to help eliminate odour.

It can also be used inside bin bags to keep them smelling fresh and free from insects.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested taking the bins out everyday or using another bin for food waste.

Tracy Minster said: “We use small bins so they get full every one to two days, never had a problem with them smelling.”

Lucy Drange commented: “Use Bin Buddy but make sure your bins are being emptied regularly.”

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