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SKY customers can share their Go streaming service with as many family and friends as they like – but most are making a pretty big error when doing so.

Few customers know what to do when a pal starts to 'outstay their welcome' on the service – because it takes more than simply changing a password.

Sky lets you register up to six devices to your Sky Go account, including phones and games consoles.

However, you can stream on only two at a time, or four if you’re subscribed to Sky Go Extra (which costs an extra £5 a month), Sky Q Multiscreen, and Sky Glass/Sky Stream Whole Home subscriber.

"To spread the love, just share your Sky ID with your friend or loved one, which they can use to log in to the Sky Go app," says Sky.

"As soon as they sign in on a new device, it will be automatically registered by Sky as one of your six streaming devices."



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But it can go wrong, as one customer has found out.

In a help forum on Sky's website, the customer wrote: "I did a friend a favour to help them out by giving them my Sky Q log in details so they could use the Sky Go App.

"To say they have outstayed their welcome is an understatement.

"I've changed my email address, password and removed their device and still they access Sky Go.

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"I have spoken to Sky numerous times over the last six months and still not sorted!

"Any help would be appreciated I'm at the stage of cancelling my whole account out of total frustration."

After changing the password, there are two steps you need to make sure you complete.

First, wait at least 24 hours for your Sky account to register that the password has changed.

Then you'll need to log into your account here and if you tick "Sky Apps" and then the remove button, anyone using SkyGo or other Sky apps with your credentials will be forced to sign in again.

But this time, they won't have access to your new password.

Although, this will mean people you want to use your ID will need to do the same.

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