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Kobe, John Edward Bayless, December 26, 27.

Put Kobe on a lie detector Story from ESPN Skip Bayless says hell reveal to his readers that Kobe Bryant is not The Mamba, and that he killed someone during a bar fight. Kobe told Skip that he wasnt a murderer and that he was a very good person. Skip replied on national television that there was no proof. He said that if people think he is the Mamba, he should be put on a lie detector test and prove that he is not the Mamba because he is the biggest liar in the sport today. This story would have been the biggest story in the sports world if it was true, but hes lying about it, and the world should know. If we can get enough signatures by Thursday the 31st of December, he will put Skip on a lie detector and publish an article about it in the next edition of Skips First Take. Yeah, Ill get it done in time for the deadline. This wont take too long, and we dont even have to travel to New York. You sign this petition and are on your way to the office. You arrive at the elevator and start the floor buttons. You walk up the stairs to the 8th floor, and you find yourself in a dark room that looks like a doctors office. The door shuts behind you, and you hear a voice calling you to come out. You come outYou walk out of the elevator, seeing a man dressed in medical scrubs. He has long, black hair, and wears sunglasses. He is clearly a doctor, but it is hard to tell since he is dressed like a doctor. As you walk up to him, you realize that he is the doctor who told you you had leprosy. I can only assume that the son was involved with you. Because he was my son, you say. How do you know he was in your car. He is silent for a moment, and then he looks up. I was supposed to take care of your son if he got into trouble, he says. Ill go get your son and go see you later. Michael Mason, and youre free to leave, Mr.

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