Six steps to boost your home’s value by £15k in just ’24 hours’

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When it comes to selling a property, it is important to show it in its best light. This could mean making small improvements such as painting before opening the home up to viewings. According to experts, there are several ways homeowners can add up to £15,000 to their homes within just one day.

1. Decluttering

The experts at JustHire said: “The cleanliness of a property is often associated with how well it’s been looked after in general.

“A cluttered home often makes the rooms look smaller. Pay special attention to the rooms that heavily influence a buyer’s decision making such as the living room and kitchen.

“Those moving often find that they hold double the number of possessions then they initially believed. 

“Simply hiring a skip and hosting a house clear out can influence the value of a property. According to UNS the average property in England is worth £316,000, £220,000 in Wales,  £195,000 in Scotland and £169,000 in Northern Ireland.

“Research found that removing unnecessary bulky items and clutter can increase its value by 11 percent. A simple clear out can increase a home’s value over £15,000.”

2. Paint

According to the experts, a simple lick of paint can drive up a property value by 25 percent.

In fact, blue walls tend to be the most popular colour with buyers as it promotes calmness, leading them to believe that the property holds a positive atmosphere.

What’s more, painting is an affordable way to improve a property, making it a great option for those on a budget.

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3. The kerb factor

The experts explained: “Kerb appeal doesn’t just add value to the property, but the street in general.

“Clean windows, a tidy garden and freshly painted front doors can increase a property’s value by 10 percent.

“Planning ahead with the likes of skips, garden waste and tools needed can ensure that adding kerb appeal takes no more than 24 hours.

“A third of Britons say they would pay 25 percent more for a home with kerb appeal and 93 percent admit they are more likely to attend a general viewing if the garden is well maintained.”

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4. Street litter

General street litter can decrease property value by around 12 percent, according to the experts.

They said potential buyers don’t just look at the home, but the overall environment.

Although this may be a tedious task, ensure that your street and property are free from litter and if you can, avoid viewings on bin day.

5. Shed and storage

The experts continued: “82 percent of estate agents believe that storage solutions such as a shed and modern furniture can increase property value by 10 percent for just £100.

“Not only will this clear clutter, but also invite buyers to believe that the property has been looked after.”

Storage boxes are great options for under beds and in cupboards and can really hide away anything which may look like clutter.

6. Planning permission

If your property holds the potential to extend, obtaining planning permission can entice buyers to increase their offer by up to 10 percent, according to the pros.

They added: “This is because they are reassured that their plans can come into fruition, and they are not taking a gamble on a property that they wish to improve.”

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