Single mum saves £2,600 a year by changing one habit – ‘Anyone can do it’

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Bristol resident joined 'food club' due to soaring cost of living

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Margi, a 39-year-old mum-of-two is finding life tougher than usual because of the cost of living crisis, but says she has found old-fashioned advice helpful. She saves £50 a week by ditching her debit cards and paying for almost everything with cash instead.

Millions of people rely on debit cards but what if someone told you it’s possible to save more than £2,500 a year by swapping debit cards for cash?

For those who are new to budgeting, experts say it’s often the simple things that make the biggest difference.

Savvy single mum Margi told how adopting this method has made a huge difference to her family’s finances.

She said: “I save about £50 a week using cash as it stops me from impulse spending on takeaways and convenience food.”

The single mum continued: “The bills come out via direct debit but my weekly budget for food, petrol and sinking funds come out as cash.”

However, she warned others that it does take some getting used to, yet once this step is overcome the savings start to rack up.

She explained: “I’ve been caught out a few times at McDonalds ordering food and then realising I haven’t got my cards on me and my cash is at home.

“Or I’ve thought that I fancy a can of coke and chocolate on the way home from work and pulled up to the shop only to remember I don’t have any way to pay so have carried on home.

“Once home I don’t go back out so it is definitely saving me more – anyone can do it.”

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It’s certainly worked for Margi – the mum is currently on her way to paying off £19,000 worth of debt.

She recommends getting rid of all temptation by:

  • Removing debit and credit cards from your wallet or phone to avoid temptation.
  • Ditching Samsung and Apple pay.
  • Creating a budget and reviewing it regularly.
  • Using cash jars and creating sinking funds – money to pay off debt or replace assets.

To help people survive the cost of living crisis, came up with 20 ways to save and make money in July – including an easy way to earn £30 extra a day.

Simple things like throwing a dry towel in the dryer and checking for benefits entitlement can make a big difference to someone’s finances. 

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