Simple car maintenance tricks using household items that will save you money and keep your motor fresh

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THESE clever tricks will save you a fortune on specialist car cleaning products.

And you don't need an endless stream of instructions or hours of careful planning to get your motor looking fresh.

According to cleaning experts, there are several everyday items that can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Toothpaste, WD40, hair conditioner – and even vodka could be the answer to your motoring woes.

They'll help remove ugly stains from your paintwork and even clean your headlights.

These are the best car cleaning tricks using basic household items to save you time and money.


Headlight casings can get mucky and clouded over time blocking the effectiveness of your lights.

While headlight restorer kits can be purchased, toothpaste can work wonders, too.

Simply apply some toothpaste to a cloth and scrub the outside of the light, then rinse and wipe to see instant results.

Hair conditioner

Rinse your car with water and soap and then once the car is completely clean, fill a bucket with 500ml of water and mix with 125ml of hair conditioner.

Then use a clean cloth to smooth over your motor and rinse it off completely.

You’ll be left with sparkling bodywork, looking as good as new. Quicker and easier than waxing.

Olive oil

Cleaning up your dashboard with olive oil is a much cheaper than using polish to give you that new car look.

Simply dab some on a cloth and wipe away.

If you're more of a spray oil household, cooking spray is also great for cleaning dead bugs and hard grime off the front of your motor.


Not even the most powerful vacuums pick up all the crumbs and dust stuck in the cracks of your car's interior consoles.

Use a flat head screwdriver to scrape them out and you'll notice a much cleaner looking interior.

Nail polish

While it might seem ridiculous, the beauty product can actually help fix light scratches on your car.

If you have very light marks in the top layer of the paint, clear nail polish can be applied to fill in the clearcoat.

And if you can manage to find a colour similar to your car's paintwork, applying a light coat to a deeper scrape can be enough to hide the mark from the untrained eye.

Then simply add a coat of clear polish over the top to restore a neat finish.

Paint brush

Your air conditioning vents can store dust and grime, and are often missed when you clean your interior.

Use a paint brush to clean the slots to avoid breathing in nasty particles.

Dish soap

Don't think you need to splash out on expensive exterior car wash products.

Regular dish soap is good enough to clean hubcaps or alloy wheels.

But make sure you wash it off quickly to avoid streaks.

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