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You can get a job here if you want. And maybe you can even build up a following of hardcore tech nerds before that happens. It is easier to get and keep a place here, as the landlord has a lot more of a say over them at the moment. You need to start moving the stuff you are bringing with you to the city, because a lot more stuff is going to have to be moved back once the city gets going. You decide to find somewhere to move the stuff. You will take any job you can get that has moving and packing material as part of the job description. You have little more to pack up from your apartment. You dont have any of the most vital things like the laptop, the computer printer, or the large amount of extra cash you had in the bank account, but you do have a few clothes that you can easily sell on the street. You just check the list of jobs that are listed, and after filling out the paperwork, you get the job. Work at a local computer shop, packing and transporting boxes. Work at a computer store, packing and repairing computers. Just as the door closes behind you, you think you hear the words Youve gotten this far, whats next. You walk out the door and head towards the nearest subway station. You quickly get on one of the trains and start looking for a place to stay. You know you dont have too long, so you decide to walk around for a while so you have time to walk back to the subway and grab a bit more food before you have to get home. You see a few other people milling around and you walk over to them. You ask them if they have any places to stay. If you want, there are a few cheap and spacious guest rooms in a building across the street from my place. A young man with a bushy beard tells you. As you walk, you have a feeling that you are walking into an abandoned building. There are a few broken windows and a few broken doorways on the sides of the building. The man leads you across a wide walkway that looks like it should be used for something useful. You follow him into the building, which now appears to be.

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