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We have recently been told about recent attacks in the region and have requested that you make your way to the site of these incursions as soon as possible. We have been having problems with a gang on the road leading to the region and believe that you would be a valuable addition to our security forces should you arrive here. Should you be fortunate enough to locate this gang you need not fight. As security for the region, we can assure you that they will be hunted down and brought to justice. Should you decide to continue with your journey, we will need you to prepare the way to go to where our people require your assistance. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the local security force and a message will be sent to you once you have arrived. Startoftext Youve got more questions and you know the more you think about this, the more questions you actually get. All you need is some information, but you just dont see how you can get it. You just sit down on your bed and reflect on what you can. You get up from your bed and head through the empty corridor, until you finally see a figure hunched over a laptop, scrolling through a Facebook page. Hey, whatre you doing over in the corridor. Im getting something on my computer, its just been a while that theres more stuff to look at on the internet, so Im going through it. I thought youd have it setup like your room or office. I think I saw you last night looking at these pictures of your boyfriend that look really old. Heh, yeah I think hes my boyfriend. You could say Ive been hanging out on FB all night too. Ohh, now thats something I wish I did. Okay, so what are you doing here then. Your presence makes me think there is something important going on. You and your boyfriend havent been hanging out together for quite some time. Im talking about you two being together, thats what Im talking about. I mean Im not just talkin about it, Im seeing it and I dont see it happening with Bobby. Well I dont think thats the case either. Hey now, I know youre not jealous of.

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