Shoppers praise using this £30 carpet cleaner for energy saving

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The cost of living crisis has resulted in a search for more cost-efficient cleaning methods to avoid consuming energy at home. And shoppers are now praising using a manual cleaning appliance for helping them reduce household bills.

Bissell Natural Sweeper

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Keep your carpets clean with this low energy device from Bissell. The Natural Sweeper is a manual carpet cleaning appliance that allows you to thoroughly clean carpets without any electricity. Plus, it’s only £29.99.

Cleaning brand Bissell recently reported that there has a 175 percent increase in manual carpet sweeper sales in August and it has quickly become one of the most popular tools.

Available on Amazon, the Bissell Natural Sweep is a manual carpet cleaner that doesn’t require an electrical source to power and can efficiently pick up lint, pet hair, crumbs, dirt and more.

According to Go Compare, if a regular household vacuum cleaner between 6500 – 2200 watts of energy was used for 30 mins a week, it can costs between £8.84 and £29.64 per year.

It’s now priced at only £29.99, making it a bargain buy.

You can use it on all floors and Brits are finding that it’s a low energy cleaning hack.

The cleaner is very easy to use and is great for quick clean ups as it has dual rotating brushes that move in opposite directions to lift dirt.

It’s also cleans along skirting boards and hard-to-reach corners making it effective at targeting specific spots.

The Bissell carpet sweeper was first invented by Marvin Bissell in 1876 and the brand celebrated its 146th year this year.

Marcin commented: “Doing a great job on the carpet, it is 90 percent more efficient than vacuum.”

Aberlass also added: “My carpet mats are various thicknesses and textures and this Bissell grabs the straw, hay, hair and disappears it!”

18Eve57 agreed: “Great sweeper to keep carpets spic and span between vacuums. Much more efficient than the old fashioned sweepers of the past and saves on electricity!! Love it!!”

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