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A new page opens up in your browser with a Shopify logo. The page looks almost exactly like the one you were using before, except it has a new box with a list of Shopify websites beneath it. Its as if youve created another Shopify account, except this time you can view all your sites on one page. You hit enter on the boxYou press enter and youre in. It only has a few small things that arent on the site, but in general this was a much simpler way of doing things. You find a new page with your Shopify profiles. And you can also change the profile name. You also click on the profile that you want to use as a test site and see the profile page. If you ever start using Google, you can access a page with your test profile, You test SiteThe test site is pretty basic, but it doesnt come up in the search. It looks like a standard Shopify checkout page. It doesnt look like it has any products in the list, but you havent yet installed any Shopify plugins that would display a list of products. You could probably get around this by installing some plugins to display items and checkout options. You test ShoppingThe checkout process of the test Shopify site is pretty much the same as the one youre used to, just with a new option to get an instant quote for every product. It really is the same checkout page, just without the small Shopify logo that youre used to seeing. This checkout page is very easy for a first time Shopify user. All you have to do is sign in and start shopping. This is a pretty good first step of getting your head around the whole process. You wonder if you could still move forward quickly and easily if you had the Shopify plugins, but theres no time to do that now. As youre shopping, you decide to try out some products that youve never stocked in real life stores before. You search for a product on Amazon with the products prices. It takes a little time, but eventually you find a product that you think would be an interesting purchase and purchase it. It takes a little longer than you expected, about an hour but its been a while since youve had time to shop and shop a lot. You start to get tired from this sort of activity, but you still find time to work on other things on your computer. You check InOutYouve just checked out of Amazon and are now checking in to a Shopify site.

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