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You should get your Gmail back eventually, but the Shopify servers are still offline. T lose any of your payment info and your Shopify account is fine. T really been using the Shopify tools since you got your account. Re complaining since its been a great tool for you. Ve had to start focusing on the essentials and have made that priority. As you mentioned earlier your mother told you that you need to leave for school soon. As you called it in one of your previous emails. D hate for that day to come at a bad time for you. Ve made it through the night without incident and the day is finally starting to look bright. You spend the rest of the day at school and do a bit of studying as well. A lot of it is related to the subject you picked, which in this case is engineering, while the other is math. Re a lot more knowledgeable than you were given to them. Re curious about how our family REALLY operates. Re not allowed to read any of our correspondence. T want you to know how we really think. If you know what we think, we would prefer you to not know. And yet you are asking questions about our family. I thought you said it was just a simple software issue. The important thing is you are not to talk with any of our relatives about our business. We will be keeping your little secret to ourselves for now and if you violate this prohibition, this school will probably be your.

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