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This one I can easily understand from a logical standpoint. You agreeYou are the manager of a small computer shop, and the best way for you to increase your sales is to have customers come in. You can either try to prevent them from using Shopify or you can try to convince them to use other systems to do it. You head to the computer room and open up your clients laptop, which is currently connected to Shopify. You start your own Shopify account. The client clicks their mouse and the application starts. You get instant feedback on your first order. Shopify receives a payment from the client and you are done. Wow, the clients got the application to install Shopify. Ll have to create a free shop here too if I want the clients using my computer so much. M not selling much at all currently. M not even using all the features that I can. T want to be waiting around forever for you to finish your shop.

This post about Shopify nyse