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Re in too deep to stop now, so you continue shopping. First on the left is the Family Mart food counter. It has everything you need to feed your family for a couple weeks. The Family Mart has a lot of what you really want, like canned soup and canned meat. T been able to find, like infant formula and baby food. S a good place to stock up on the basics. The next aisle over is the supermarket meat counter. T eat meat every day, so that food is for the growing children. Looking down the food aisles, you see the other foods that are in high demand, like beef jerky, instant noodles and other types of noodles. They also have some frozen foods you may be able to use in emergencies, like soup mix and packaged cereal. You continue to the right, where you see everything from toilet paper, to paper towels, to cleaning products. You get closer to the pharmacy counter, and you see the same food products on the food counter. This is the category with the big price tag, like the brand new brand new toilet paper. Everything else on the pharmacy counter is so cheap, you think you might be getting ripped off. There are all sorts of toys here: action figures, board games, puzzles, and toys that play songs or squeaks. T get enough of all these things. You continueTime to get your little ones in the mood for something new. Ll like that new action figure more than you do. You step up to the toy counter and see the toys that you really want. T see the need for so many cheap toys. T really look that special other than being big and shiny. You get closer to the toy counter and see the toy shop, where all such toys go when they are sold. You see all kinds of different toys here: dolls.

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