'Shang-Chi' made this major NASCAR mistake

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Who has won the most NASCAR Cup Series races?

More than 195 drivers have won a Cup Series race since NASCAR started in 1948, but who has won the most?


Disney’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” may be the most successful Labor Day premiere in Hollywood history, but its creators should have double checked the NASCAR history books before its release.

In the blockbuster film, Simu Liu’s titular character, who is also known as Shaun, and his best friend, Katy, played by Awkwafina, portray aimless valet parking attendants getting through life just having a good time.


In an early scene at their workplace, a man pulls up in a red BMW sports car, and Katy rushes to get behind the wheel. When Shaun protests, she tells him she’s like “the Asian Jeff Gordon,” and he says he doesn’t know who that is.

She explains to him Gordon is the driver with the most NASCAR career wins before they take the car for a joyride, living up to every driver’s nightmare when they hand their keys to a valet.

Katy goes on throughout the film proving to be a better driver than NASCAR trivia expert, however, as the factoid she shared was incorrect.

The retired Gordon finished his NASCAR Cup Series career with four championships and 93 wins, which places him third on the all-time list behind David Pearson’s 105 and Richard “The King” Petty’s likely unbeatable 200.

Of course, it’s possible the gaffe was an intentional character choice by the writers, but the standings won’t be changing anytime soon.

Kyle Busch is the current Cup Series wins leader among active drivers with 59 and Kevin Harvick has 58, placing them ninth and 10th in the all-time rankings.

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