Seven days after a spring tide, the sun and moon …

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You pause, reading the small print of the book. This little piece of paper is just as you knew it. Its just as your father had said it would be. Still, you are surprised about why you had to spend so much money on a vacation. Maybe you can get rid of a bit of this debt. D rather spend the money on a vacation as nice as this one. Maybe you can get a better job and get rid of this debt, you think to yourself as you continue through the book. T know why you feel tired. T remember ever feeling so tired, and then you have a vague image of your father being extremely tired when he worked in the garden. The next day, you take the train there. On it, you see a few familiar faces from your family. Ve never seen or talked to in quite some time. He seems much older than you remember him. You also meet an old friend of yours who happens to be a famous musician. S always wanted to go on a trip like this with you, so he invited all of you on a trip to London. After a little deliberation, you decide to walk to the nearest station rather than taking a train. You walk to the station, where you see several other people sitting around reading a book. One of them looks at you with a little smile and waves to you before walking away. Re just going to lay down for a while and get a little rest. The world fades to black and you wake up.

This post about Spring and neap tides