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As in any industry the more efficient it is the more important it. More efficient -more jobs -more economic benefits -more jobs -more jobs, and the The This the and. I was just saying the same thing to both of you, so its not like you arent following what I was saying at the time. Thats the second time I made a big mistake with you both. I should have respected you both too much. We all make mistakes, the young woman says. You can even call us back if you want. You both look at each other for a moment, then head back to your office. You feel like you should go talk to the reporter, but youve spent enough time with the young woman that it might be better if you wait to see what happens. Youve done a nice job, the reporter says. If Im being honest, youve done a nice job too, you say. Ill make sure to cover your case well. Anyway, I got my reporters notebook out, so I wont be long. He opens up his notebook, and begins writing down every little detail he can.

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