Sending birthday greetings has become a necessary tradition these days…

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Your mouth hangs open, mouth wide open as you try to process the information. Ve gotta go see my cousin. You say and shove your cell phone into your pocket. When you leave the building you suddenly feel a bit uneasy. You feel weird about leaving the building, you never did before. Re starting to believe in all the conspiracy theories your mom keeps telling you. You get in your car and drive away. T gone to see their cousin for a long time. Re all in on some sort of crazy conspiracy. When you think about it a bit more, they never talk to you much either. Re doing their best to raise you right. Re the ones that SHOULD be doing everything for their son. S always been like that in your family. Never really talked to them for whatever reason, just called them on the phone when you grew up, though you never really talked to them on the phone. T been able to really spend much time with them since then. If they were out there, maybe it would all make more sense. You drive out of the city and get into a bit of a random highway traffic. T that you were avoiding those people. It was more that you felt the weirdest about leaving those old feelings behind. Ve always been a bit introverted on the outside, but not all that shy. Ve come to enjoy the company of others on the internet. You even like making online friends with a couple of people in this small local online community. The drive soon becomes one of those long, lonely ones. S like a dam has been broken in the back of.

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