Selma is a 2014 historical drama film directed by Ava …


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Selma is the most recent film of Viola Liuzzo that was released in 2014. You say I like what Ive seenYou cant say anything at all on this subject. You dont want to spoil, and also you dont want to be the reason why your sister doesnt watch the movie on purpose. While you wouldnt mind if she watched it to the end, if you let her, she might change her mind once she sees the ending of the movie. So youre kind of wondering if it would be better for her to watch the movie before you decide what to do, so with a bit of consideration, you agree to leave her here and go to the cafeteria. Selma is left looking at a vacant stare thats a bit sadder now. After waiting for a bit, she finally sits up and notices you. Im coming to talk to your sister about her movie. Sitting up, you say nothing, you just sit there and wait for the time to arrive. Selma suddenly stands up and asks if everything is okay. Im just still kind of curious why she wanted to talk to you about it. Selma, I think the real reason why shes here is for you to help her find the right person to marry to take over the family business. You say while still looking at Selma. Why wouldnt she want to help me get rich. Because youre a girl and its not my business, and Im sure its none of my business, but we can find out what she wants to tell you tomorrow in your own house. Its okay, but were both having a long day. Even if we have something were good together, she might not change her mind if she really wants to get with a boy who is willing to marry her. The next day, Selma asks you the same question you did last time.

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