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After registration, you are required to receive military service. You can reserve yourplace in the military after you turn 19 years of age, but must report to your post of assignment as soon as you turn 19 years old. After receiving-military duty, you will be promoted to the next rank you intend to attain. Com in the off-chance you may become a conscientious objector. A couple of years ago, a couple of guys at my college were talking about their future plans. Are we going to do when we grow up. And you dont think being a lawyer is a good option. I mean sure, its not the most glamorous thing in the world, but theres a reason why theres lots of lawyers in this city. I look over at him and he doesnt make eye contact with me. It was the first time hed ever stopped to think about things that way. And Id always thought hed be a big rock star. Now he looked like he was holding in a yawn. Then he shrugged his shoulders and continued in less-than-enthused fashion. I mean come on, we all want to get a job someday. He had a point: The truth was, he used to be a little bit more ambitious. Back in the day, he was a big rock star, riding around the country on a motorcycle and playing arena shows and everything. But the thing is, hes still that guy in a blue flannel suit. Hes still the guy that thinks hes going to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Theres nothing wrong with chasing your goals, as long as you dont get.

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