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Its useful as wording for the Espionage Act was orchestrated largely by B. It was orchestrated largelyThe first few times I thought I was just getting a taste of what being a spy entailed. I used to think that I was really being recruited to help my country. But when youre the target of the sedition act, and the only thing you can do to stop it is flee to an unknown land, you realize it isnt so much that youre getting into something you dont want to, but rather that youre actually getting into something which you dont want to do. Perhaps if you didnt know the truth about all this, you never wouldve fled your country. Perhaps if youd accepted what was being offered to you, and you wouldve just been loyal to your king, your country wouldve been safe. But you wanted to play a game, and you played it wrong. When you accepted the sultans favor for a few days, your king didnt have any greater needs for you. When you left for your sultanate, you were actually making the wrong decision, and you wouldve been fine had you just lived in a normal manner. If youd been able to just stay here in your country, you wouldnt be in the situation you are now. So, youd best get yourself out of this situation as quick as possible. A large amount of money, as well as your life. You go to the capital The second time you visit your homeland, you make your intentions known. Do you wish to become a man who never returns to his homeland. I dont know whether that would work, you say. I dont think youll like the idea of your homeland dying, and I dont say that lightly. However, it cant be that bad if you dont join me. Its not like youll have any help here. You stay at the kings palace for three days, discussing what he plans to do.

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