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The price of each security is always going to be based on the price of other securities, the market and its associated risk. The market is generally only a fair representation of the market because, by definition, it is only an attempt to represent what would happen if people actually bought or sold things, without regard for what any potential buyer or seller thinks about that. A price is only a fair representation if the market is actually reflecting reality. You dont believe the price is a fair one. Marketed as being part of a higher social order that cant be touched, you stand at a stage where in the world everything is at a standstill. How else will you explain why the markets price is the same as it was yesterday, or why it has not risen by the time you have gotten there. So instead of just walking away and buying a box of chocolates instead, you walk away from the stage and walk out the door. You dont feel like following a road of other people whove gone this route, or just walking out there yourself and talking to a representative to figure out how you might buy a box of chocolates instead. You walk out into the street and down the block, not making eye contact with nobody. When the street opens out into a street full of other people, you look back at the empty store window and go in after a while. You say, turning around and walking towards the voice. You find the manager seated at a table by the front door of his store, a cup of tea on the table between him and you. He looks up at you with a smirk and nods. Re here to buy me a pack of chocolates right. Yeah, I was just wondering if there are any other stores like this. T think we have anything more than the rest of the other stores around here. T happen to know what that other store is, would you. D get a better deal from another store. I see a girl who is in need of a deal you should be helping, not being a complainer about it. Look, I think I should be able to buy a pack of chocolates for like thirty-five bucks at another store.

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