‘Secure a better purchase price’: How to sell your home by the end of January

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Phil Spencer reveals how you can add value to your property

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Selling and purchasing a home can take several months until the process is complete. This is because there are numerous factors that can cause delays like how long the chain is, delays in conducting searches and differences in valuations. In order to sell a property, sellers must do their research on how to do so including what repairs need doing to their property shopping around for professionals.

In 2021, the average UK seller made almost £95,000 more than what they had originally bought their property for – a clear sign that the heat within the pandemic property market is far from cooling.

January is one of the two busiest months for the housing market all year, with buyers and sellers across the country looking for a fresh start, more space and better location to juggle work/home life.

With this in mind, Scott Hendry, Director of Auction Relationships at specialist lender Together has shared some top tips to help sellers entice buyers and boost the value of their homes for sale.

He explained the importance of getting the basics right when starting any repair jobs to improve the home.

Scott said: “Having to make repairs down the line can be an expensive, messy and dispiriting business. 

“So, before you start in earnest on introducing new finishes and floorings, make sure the electrics, plumbing, windows and roof are up to scratch – there’s nothing worse than seeing your hard work undone by a leak or urgent wiring repairs.”

Buyers survey can pick up on any issues in and around the house.

Scott added: “Even if you’re planning to sell the property on, your buyer’s survey will pick up on issues – so head those off at the pass, and you might secure a better purchase price.”

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Investing in touchpoint is a good way to add value to a property.

Scott noted that it is worth investing more money on better quality appliances.

He said: “Cheap items can wear out quickly, so spend good money on things you touch and interact with (like light switches, door handles and taps) and scrimp on things you only look at, like paint, wallpaper and wall tiles. 

“Additionally, you might be interested in eco-material. For example, new technology using aerogel and mineral material can now be utilised in effectively insulating your home while being mindful of saving energy and the climate crisis.”

Avoid going over budget when carrying out repairs.

Making a plan and sticking to it is a great way to stay on budget. 

Scott said: “One sure-fire way to burn through your budget is to change your mind mid-renovation. 

“Decide what you want to achieve before you get started and see it through. 

“Rethinking things like taps and wallpaper isn’t the end of the world but when it comes to the layout of kitchens and bathrooms – with all the associated plumbing and electrics – it’s a case of ‘measure twice, cut once’.”

Hiring tradesmen can be expensive for jobs around the home.

It’s important to check that they have a good reputation.

Scott explained how Prices can vary wildly from tradesperson to tradesperson.

He said: “Just because one company has a slick brochure and fast-talking sales reps, doesn’t automatically mean they’ll do a better job than a ‘one-man band’. 

“To make sure you’re getting the best person for the job, ensure you get three different quotes, get a recommendation from a trusted source and most importantly agree exactly what you’ll be getting for your money ahead of time.”

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