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NETFLIX is packed with thousands of TV shows and movies, making picking what to watch an overwhelming prospect at times.

The way genres are ordered on the streaming platform has always been a bit of a sticking point for some.

There's so much on there, you can easily find yourself feeling a little lost.

But there is a way that might help you find a hidden Christmas gem.

Netflix actually have a series of not-so secret codes that will instantly transport you to some very specific genres.

It might just help you to narrow down your choice.

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There is a slight hitch to this plan though.

You can only do it on a computer – it won't work on your smartphone app or smart TV.

So when you're ready, log onto your account and type in the following web address:

Then all you need to do is add one of the genre codes to the end, hit enter and you'll have a load of movies appear.

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Netflix secret genre codes

Christmas for Kids – 1726277

Christmas, Children & Family Movies 1474017

Festive Family Fun – 81351538

Feel-Good Christmas, Children & Family Films – 1475066

British Christmas Children & Family Films – 1527064

Canadian Christmas, Children & Family Films – 1721544

European Christmas, Children & Family Films – 1527063

Christmas, Children & Family Films, Goofy 1475071

Romantic Christmas Films – 1394527

Christmas TV Cartoons – 1395703

Christmas TV Comedies – 1395700

Christmas Comedies – 1474015

Happy watching!

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