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The wind picks up and suddenly a wave of water hits the coast. You can already see whats coming, but the waves arent even that large, and you can sense your heart rate increasing. You watch as the water that you saw just before you made that noise now splashes against the rocks, causing a loud splash. You see the wave start to grow, then finally break, and the whole thing looks similar to a river that you imagine you know well. You try to swim against the current, but youre too far from shore. You keep trying to swim against the current, but youre still too far from shore. You think of the water in the ocean, and attempt to swim under it for a little while, but your arms continue to burn as you try to swim. You dont even have the strength to stand up from where youre struggling against the current. The rain is falling, and clouds are forming, making it harder to swim against the current. The sky is starting to turn a dull brown, and the sun is starting to set. You make a run for shore by crawling on your stomach. You decide to make a run for shore by crawling on your stomach. This is no longer going to be a pleasant swim, but you just hope that its not too deep. You crawl along the seagrass, your legs kicking up sand in your face as you do. You crawl over the rocky seabed, and then you quickly realize that the seaweed you were using to cover your legs isnt there anymore. You keep crawling, feeling yourself grow dizzy, but you cant make any progress. You still have a couple more miles to go, then youll be close enough to land, but so far from the beach that it will be difficult to make a landing. You can barely move your legs, let alone your arms, and you keep on staring up at the sky, trying not to look at the water, even though you can clearly see it now. You keep crawling, hoping that if you keep crawling, your legs will grow stronger, but it seems like theyre not growing at all. You have a hard time thinking of anything but the water. You hear footsteps behind you, and you start to turn your head. The thing behind you is a black-hooded figure, and as soon as your eyes focus on it, its face twists into a hateful one. Youre already dead, so youre not my problem now, it says, before ripping off your head and throwing it into the ocean, where youre dragged along the seagrass.

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