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As an old traveler you may find it useful to have some of the above information on hand, so you may be ready to make a quick transaction on your way to the airport, as well as more in depth information. There is, of course, a price to this information, as it comes with the price of the article. The price of the currency exchange is the equivalent of 4,000,000,000, or 4 trillion. These prices are not set in stone, they could go up or down. You are here to make a purchase of some money, but you will have no problem in finding someplace to exchange this currency for travelers checks, or any other currency. It is not as if you are a millionaire, and will quickly find yourself with a negative balance on your account if you dont have money to spend on your trip. You cant help but notice that the bank has a number of travelers checking their accounts, but there is nobody else doing so, they are all taking the opportunity to withdraw money from their accounts. You enter your name and date of birth and a few other details and a few hours later you are on your way to the airport. As you walk into the bank, you notice that it is not in the best of condition. Broken security windows indicate that this place was not in constant use. The counters are dusty, and there is no cash register. You see a few people, but not much more than that. You decide to just head to the exchange where all the information you just learned is on sale, and while you will probably pay more than you did for this rate, you are more than willing to make the time to find out. You walk inside without bothering to speak. You are given a card reader and a notebook to write down all the information you can find on the rate you just purchased. It is the same as before you came in, but you will have to pay more for the information. This seems a bit expensive for the information, but if you have to buy one of these rates then you probably dont want to be on the receiving end of a bad exchange rate anyway. You have no idea if you will ever need this information.

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