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A blog of the sort that would normally be accessible to people like you. You had no idea it even existed, let alone that it could lead to potentially useful information. The URL linked to a webpage featuring a link to a forum, a blog, and a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel featured videos of people writing and talking about crosswords. Crossword, who had written answers to crosswords for the Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph. You were already half way to that goal. You could just keep clicking right now, right. What the hell, you dont know the answer to this one. You spent the past few days digging through a bunch of random websites in an attempt to find this elusive crossword clue. Well, you probably just didnt do enough digging because you were focusing on an Internet-native website that wasnt really tailored to you and it had a lot of unrelated links, like a lot of random websites do. Your first thought was maybe you were using Google to find it, and you were clicking on links in the wrong order. Crossword, you got a list of the same sites, along with additional results. Why would there only be one result for Mr. Crossword in Google, and if you had just been using Mr. Crossword as a search term, you wouldve gotten a list of the same website, along with additional results. AdvertisementAs it was, you couldnt tell what page you should be on. So you decided to try a different search. The link you clicked lead you to a Web page that looked a lot like this one. After reading some of the information on the page, you noticed something. Crossword had an extremely bad day today. And the job he lost was the same one hed lost last week. You tried to figure out the answer to this crossword puzzle, which made you feel even worse. The solution was on that Web page, and if you just found the answers to these puzzles, youd feel better.

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